How do you explain this? The difference between the world time line and the Bible’s…:)

Posted: April 17, 2012 in Bible, God, Jesus, Life, Thoughts, Thoughts on God
I have my ways of explaining the time difference between what the Bible says, and what modern science says, but I always like to hear new and creative ways to talk to people who don’t believe like we do. Having said that, when a non-believer sees an article like the one below, how do you explain to them the difference between the Bible time line and the world of science? This should be a great discussion and I’m looking forward to hearing some incredible feedback. Hint, the Bibles is actually easier to explain because it’s true….

GROZNY, Russia — Geologists in Russia’s volatile Chechnya region have discovered what they believe to be fossilized dinosaur eggs laid by one of the huge extinct reptiles that roamed the Earth more than 60 million years ago.

“We’ve found about 40 eggs so far, the exact number has not been established,” said Said-Emin Dzhabrailov, a geologist at the Chechen State University.

“There could be many more laying under the ground.”

The find was uncovered when a construction crew was blasting through a hillside to build a road near the region’s border with former Soviet Georgia in the Caucasus Mountains.

A team of geologists stumbled across the smooth, oval rock-like forms, which range from 25 cm to one meter coincidentally on a recent trip to the area, said Dzhabrailov.

He said paleontologists were needed to determine which species of dinosaur had laid them.

Dzhabrailov said that the regional Chechen government, which is eager to shed the region’s reputation for violence, is considering turning the area into a nature preserve and seeking to attract tourists.

Federal forces fought two separatists wars between 1994-2001 in Chechnya, and an Islamist insurgency persists in the mostly Muslim region and surrounding provinces of Russia’s North Caucasus.

However, violence has declined under the strong-arm rule of Ramzan Kadyrov, whose multi-million dollar construction projects are aimed at raising the region’s profile and boosting the tourism potential of the troubled area.

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