What happens now?

Posted: May 27, 2012 in Bible, God, Jesus, Life, Thoughts, Thoughts on God

I am at a very unique crossroads with this blog! I recently added a new feature to my blog that allows me to see who is viewing the blog, and the results were beyond what I had expected. This blog has a tremendous following among Muslim nations and the people who are not saved. This was very shocking to me until recently when I started getting emails thanking me for helping several people come to know the Lord, and even one Muslim thanking me for teaching him about Jesus. So where is the delima here?

How do I reach more people now? I need your help! If there’s anyone who knows how I can get this blog to even more people that I am reaching (I’m currently have 38,000 hits), please feel free to email me at pastormikesays@gmail.com and let me know what I can do. I can see where this can be so much bigger than it is, I just need help with getting there. Anything anyone can do to help, please let me know so we can reach more people for the Kingdom.



  1. ansuyo says:

    1. Talk to God about it. He will get it where it needs to be.
    2. Keep producing great content. 🙂

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