Do we complain about, or pray for, our bosses and those in leadership?

Posted: August 2, 2013 in Thoughts on God
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I don’t expect this to be the most popular of my blogs, but I don’t mind because it’s a very important topic that most people in the work force fail to realize….praying for those who lead us.

Yesterday as I left the workplace, I saw my boss poised over just one of the many problems that he faced that day. Earlier I had watched his wife, who also runs the company, running around trying to settle personnel problems and accounting issues. Yet both of them had the added burden of trying to keep the employees motivated and trying not to look stressed. While they pulled this feat off well, I couldn’t help to think about all they go through.

Today is Friday and throughout the world, employees everywhere are elated because of the upcoming weekend. But the problem that business owners and others in charge have, is that most of them never quit working. They have a lot of responsibility that goes home with them. It doesn’t stay at the office because it’s 5 O’clock. They have invested everything they have in it. Their livelihood depends on the success of their business. So maybe we as employees can help them out. How? By praying for peace and success in the business that we are employed by. By becoming better employees and allowing Jesus to shine though us by having an exemplary work ethic. By not getting mad if they initiate a policy that we think is unfair. Policies are not always easy to institute because the person doing the enforcement will become very unpopular. Let’s try to walk a step in their shoes. And this includes our political leaders as well.

I am blessed to have two Christian bosses who are wonderful people. If you’re not, and am less than thrilled to be working for them, don’t be angry and hate, pray for them. Maybe that prayer will change their lives and business around. Believe me, they are stressed, and they need prayers for peace just like anyone else. Having said all of this I have posted a prayer below and ask that you pray this for your bosses before and during work today or whenever (since this blog is read around the world). If you can’t think of a prayer consider the one below, or just simply say a brief one. Our leaders need it.


1 Timothy 2:1 First of all, then, I urge that supplications, prayers, intercessions, and thanksgivings be made for all people,


Dear God, our Creator,

We come to You today praying for our boss, our supervisors and for those in authority over us in the workplace.

We begin by requesting that you will give our boss and supervisors your wisdom, guidance and the ability to lead well.  Help them to seek out and listen to sound advice and to decide how to take action in timely and efficient ways that are good for the business and good for the customers and clients who are served.  Here are some specific special requests I now make for my boss…

We pray for the family life of our boss and supervisors that they will be able to balance work and home life in healthy ways.  We pray for their spiritual life that they might come into a stronger faith in You.  We pray for their social life that they might partner with and support worthy causes in our community as You prosper them in business.  Here are some specific prayers I offer for my boss…

We intercede for them about the things only you can provide.  We pray for their physical health that it might remain strong.  We ask that they will be able to maintain a healthy physical and moral lifestyle.   We pray for Your forgiveness and mercy in any ways they have erred.  We pray for Your blessings upon them as You open new doors of opportunity before them. We stand against any emotional or spiritual attacks they might be facing and we plead the blood of Christ over them in their times of stress and crisis.  We pray that you will increase their ability to bear the responsibility of running a business.  Give them grace and fairness in dealing with employees.  Grant them a spirit of inclusiveness, respectfulness, teamwork, and self control.   Lead them not into the temptation of seeking bottom line profits through questionable or unethical means.  And deliver them from the evils of ruthless competitors.  Here are some specific needs my boss has today…

We conclude our prayer by offering out thanksgiving for our boss and supervisors.  Thank you for their ability to handle daily problems, for their experience and leadership, for their vision and dedication.  Thank you for the jobs they have provided for us and for the income these jobs provide.  May we learn how to express our gratitude to them for their guidance and mentoring.  Here are some specific ways I am thankful for my boss…


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