The one say a week Christian. This is a must read.

Posted: January 5, 2014 in Thoughts on God
jesus calledWe sing about how we’ll follow Jesus to the ends of the earth

But we have a hard time following Him across the street to our own neighbors…

We sing that we surrender all…

But we have a hard time surrendering ten minutes of our precious sleep time in the morning to spend with Him…

We sing that all we need is Jesus…

But we have a hard time not wanting the “next big thing” in our life that we think will make us happier…

We sing about how our sins are as far as the east is from the west…

But we still feel condemned every time Satan throws our past in the face, even though it has been long erased by Jesus’ blood

We sing about Jesus being the center of our lives…

But so little of our lives revolve around Him, and so much of it revolves around us

We sing about Jesus sitting on the throne and being in control…

But we have a hard time giving up our own plans, our own ambitions, our own desires for His.

We sing about how nothing is impossible for Him…

But we think our world is over with the smallest obstacle we face…

We sing about telling the world that Jesus lives…

But we have a hard time telling the co-workers that work at the booth right next to us the good news about Jesus…

We sing about praising Him in the storm…

But we have a hard time remembering to praise Him even in the sunshine.

It’s so easy to sing all of these words every Sunday morning.

They look so nice on paper.

Sounds so beautiful from the worshipers singing on stage.

But often times they are just empty words… because what we sing about on Sunday we don’t put into action on Monday. On Tuesday. On Wednesday. On Thursday. On Friday. And on Saturday.

The truth is real faith isn’t revealed on Sunday morning when you’re all dressed up in your shiny suit and your pretty dress. When you get together with fellow believers to worship Jesus.

No. It’s revealed on Monday morning when you wake up. When you go to school or work. When you fill your schedule up with the things you like to do.

Does your morning time prove that Jesus is the center of your life? Do you begin every day reading His Word…. or just staring at your face in the mirror?

Does your time, your deeds, your words to the people around you show them that Jesus lives in you. Will they come to know Christ because of you?

Does your spare time show that you’ll give up your plans and your schedule for His?

Does your life speak louder than the words you sing on Sunday morning?

Because at the end… your words won’t matter until they have action behind them.

Your good intentions won’t matter until they turn into reality.

Don’t just sing about God on Sunday morning. Serve Him on Monday.

Don’t just sing about how much you love Him on Sunday. Show Him that you do on Monday.

Don’t just sing that you’ll give it all to Him on Sunday. Give it all to Him Monday – Saturday.

Today… practice what it is that you sing about every Sunday morning.

Don’t just talk about your faith but live it out.

You are God’s light to the world. Born to shine brightly to the dark world around you. Made to share your faith to the broken world that is falling apart.

Don’t keep it to yourself for Sunday morning. Live it every day


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