The problem with “Feel Good” Churches and preaching. Does God always give us what we want/

Posted: September 5, 2014 in Thoughts on God

Pastor Mike Says

I think most of us would agree, that if you had a choice between things that make you feel good, and things that don’t feel so good, our natural inclination would be to pursuit that which makes us feel good. We go see movies or be entertained with the idea that we want to feel something positive at the end of the experience. We also could choose people, sermons and churches, all designed to make us feel good. In our pursuit of fee ling good, we could easily wander into things that may not be the truth or reality that the Lord desires for us. His truth, His reality may not always feel good, but His way for each of us is excellent. We are all called to hear His voice and follow His truth, and not get caught up in the evangelical humanism that wants to strip us from…

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