So what’s wrong with cussing? This is a must read.

Posted: September 14, 2014 in Thoughts on God

Pastor Mike Says

I’m not sure how it happened (OK we all do), but after watching a Christian friend of mine recently let go with a tirade of swear words in the same breath he mentioned Jesus, I found it to be very uncomfortable. Then I started thinking about swearing and being a Christian, and how many people don’t see a problem with it. then I found an article that i would love to share with you. Please take a look at what Pastor Hal Lane says about it below. I think it really hits the nail on the head…


“What’s the big deal about profanity?” It’s a question I sometimes hear from young people who consider profanity a normal part of modern communication. Indeed, some Christian leaders in supposedly “cutting-edge” ministries use profanity in their presentations in an attempt to relate to the street language many unsaved people use.

What is…

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