Why I’m happy this Christmas

Posted: December 22, 2014 in Thoughts on God

Someone recently asked me how I can be so happy despite the fact that I have no job, and we are still losing our house. Let me tell you why…This was the year that I bear cancer, I’m alive. I have my beautiful and special wife who deserves so much better than me, but still loves this sinner anyway. I have family that love me, and I love them back. I have friends that are faithful and loving that have never left my side in spite of some ugly circumstances that have happened in our lives this past year. I have Face Book friends that are amazing in their support and love. I get to minister to my Hospice Patients which is a reward that I cannot even explain. The list goes on and on.But above all these things, I have Jesus Christ in my life. Jesus, who became man as a sacrifice for my sins although He knew that it would mean His own pain and suffering. Suffering far greater than what I am going through. He died on that Old Rugged Cross so that when I did fall short of His glory, the blood that He shed would cleanse my sins away so I can have a second chance at the Kingdom of Heaven instead of Hell. So, that is why I’m happy. Any questions? 🙂 To anyone reading this, thank you for being a special part of our lives, and may the Lord bless you during this special time of year,


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