A New Years Day reminder…:)

Posted: December 31, 2014 in Thoughts on God

O Israel, hope in the LORD! For with the LORD there is steadfast love, and with him is plentiful redemption. (Psalm 130:7 ESV)

New years is a day away and we are already making a list of things we want to change. We hope we exercise more to lose weight. We hope to be better with our money so we can buy a new car. We hope to become more disciplined so that we can have more time to spend with the family. What is your great hope for this New Year?

Be careful, because the things we place our hope in can keep us in an endless cycle of disappointment. What we end up doing is to create little saviors to rescue us from whatever we think is wrong in our lives when our hope isn’t first and foremost in the Lord.

If we hate being overweight, the next diet is crafted into our mini-hero. It becomes the mechanism through which we hope to be rescued from our current state. Take it a step further, and consider the dollar. How many of us place our hope in little green pieces of paper and silver coins? Or worse yet, numbers on a screen?

When we place our hope in these little saviors, we doom ourselves to a life of disappointment and idolatry and New Year resolutions. We submit ourselves to an endless cycle of regret, an existence that constantly cries, “If only!” When our hope is placed in anything less than the perfect God of the universe, we will live in the darkness of dissatisfaction. Follow Jesus into the light of eternal hope.

What mini-heroes have you crafted in your life? 


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