A day in the life of a Hospice Chaplain.

Posted: January 12, 2015 in Thoughts on God

What an amazing day I had yesterday at the assisted living facility and Hospice. I woke up this morning feeling the nudging of the Holy Spirit to change the Sermon that I had already prepared. When I got up there to deliver it, I was sure that my delivery was really bad due to a ton of distractions, and Satan was reminding me of that the entire time. Now during the sermon, I had a man who I knew was an atheist just walk up and stand about two feet from me. Now I am not a very formal Pastor, so instead of asking him to sit down, I put my arm around him and included him in the sermon. What was funny was while I was speaking, he would look at the people, and point at me and say, “he’s good.” Now I was confused because Satan was telling me that I was bad, but an atheist was saying I was good…lol. So after the sermon, I walked away as our amazing worship team started playing, and on my way to the back, the Atheist stopped me and said, “i don’t know much about this stuff (Christianity), but I would like to talk to you about it.” This was beyond amazing to me. I wanted to talk to him more about it, but he was crying so hard that he couldn’t speak. I will go over there and see him this week to share the news of Jesus with him, and hopefully to lead him to salvation.

The second part of the experience that was so awesome, was the worship. When we first started services there a little over a month ago, it there was no participation at all. Our worship leader, Jenn Linson Clark now has these people singing, clapping their hands, and totally in love with her, and enjoying worshiping the Lord through song. I would like to give a shout out to her for putting these folks first and making sure that they can relate to the music, and how she listens to what will make the service more meaningful to them. He is an amazing gift, and I thank Canyon Ridge Church for responding so quickly to my request for someone to help me with the music. Thank you, Jenn to you and your Husband and awesome children, you guys bless us and the ministry.

Now the funny part. I think I got a kiss and a hug from every resident and patient in the building…lol

So, you can see that my day was filled with an incredible amount of the Holy Spirit. Thank you Jesus for allowing us to he a part of these peoples lives.


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