A God night prayer for you from me.

Posted: May 10, 2015 in Thoughts on God

Heavenly Father I come before you tonight asking for your healing hand to be upon those suffering afflictions, tormented in mind and spirit. You are the Great I AM and nothing is too difficult for YOU. I claim new strength for your children Lord, new hope, be near those who are grieving the loss of loved ones, broken relationships, loss of jobs and health.

Comfort those who mourn, lift up those who are bowed down. Remove all discouragement from the Body of Christ, lift up the weary hands Oh Lord. You are a Present help in time of need, the Holy One Of Israel, the Bright and Morning Star. You are present to meet our needs, your grace is sufficient.

Father I ask for special help for those enduring these blizzards and such heavy snow fall, Lord help those who are feeble, without shelter, power, food. Lord grant them your peace in these storms. Provide what is needed Lord, keep them safe from harm. Calm and quiet the spirits of those who are elderly and sick at this time, those not able to leave their homes, Lord grant their desires, bring peace to this situation.

I thank and praise you Abba Father for all that You are, all you do for your children.

Let your peace cover us this night, let us turn all our trials over to You and your safe keeping. Deliver us from evil Oh our Soon Coming King, restore our Joy, lift the burdens from the hearts. Lord I sense a heaviness in your children tonight, many are weary from fighting the battles Lord, they need a fresh touch from You Oh Lord. Surround them with peace, love and joy. Speak courage to their hearts, bind up the broken hearted, set the captives free. Speak to Your children Oh God, bless them and bring restoration, healing and deliverance, in Jesus name I pray.


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