Peter and the rest

Posted: November 21, 2015 in Thoughts on God

He said, “Come.” So Peter got out of the boat and walked on the water and came to Jesus. (Matthew 14:29 ESV)

Thunder rolled and lightening flashed, the storm was raging,
The tiny boat shook and swayed, how long they couldn’t say.
Battered by the winds, the disciples with the oars, struggling;
Tired and weary, their Master seemed so far away.

Suddenly in the hazy darkness, on the stormy waters, a figure seemed to loom,
In wild terror shrieked out they;
Their minds sensing impending doom.
Who was this – a phantom or a ghost, come furtively to spirit them away?

“Shh, it is I. Do not be afraid” a familiar voice reassured.
Seeking to drive out their fear, ingrained deep within.
But the disciples cowered in fright, even though the Master’s voice they heard.
All, except Peter, who boldly spoke up, ignoring the din.

Eyes focused on the Lord; Obeying His Master’s call,
Into the water Peter stepped, letting go of the boat,
One step, then two, moving ahead, walking tall;
Until he shifted his gaze from Jesus and floundered; his heart leaping to his throat

‘My Lord! ‘ he cried, ‘Save me! Save me! ‘
Jesus caught ahold of him, ‘wherefore did you doubt in your mind? ‘
I am with you in the storm, you see.
I will never leave nor forsake you, let me again remind.

Am I like Peter who stepped out believing?
Eager to do as his Master bade?
Or am I like the rest, His voice not heeding;
Unable to answer, sore afraid?

Dearly beloved, let us not shift our gaze – from ‘THE MASTER.’
And fix it on the stormy sea!
For in so doing – we may falter and confront disaster.
Let us look to the ‘ONE’ – who by His spoken word, created all things to be.


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