Testing the waters

Posted: August 14, 2016 in Thoughts on God

He waited another seven days, and again he sent forth the dove out of the ark. (Genesis 8:10 ESV)

God spoke to Noah before the flood and gave instructions on building the ark (Genesis 6:13; 7:1). God also spoke to Noah after the flood water had receded enough (Genesis 8:16). There seems to be a period of time, however, when Noah was on the ark and the rains had stopped, that God wasn’t giving him instruction. Noah seemed to take matters into his own hands and sent out the dove to find dry land. In essence then, Noah was testing the waters, and trying to see where God was in His workings.

There can be situations that cause us to try and figure out what God is doing in our life, or what His purpose is. During these times we can sit back and pray, looking for a grand vision, or even wait for an audible voice from God. But what is wrong with testing the waters as Noah did? We are never told that what he did was sin.

What could this mean for your life? Maybe you are in need of a job, and could start applying instead of sitting back and waiting for one to fall in your lap. You may even start planning a major life change and see if there are any roadblocks on the way, or if doors are opening for you.

We can be so petrified of making the wrong choice that we forget that God is with us as we make these decisions (Deuteronomy 31:6). It it wise to seek counsel, but may we also be confident that when we abide in Christ, the Holy Spirit will be with us in our decision making.

Should you be testing the water instead of waiting in the boat?


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