Why we need a revival in Las Vegas

Posted: November 30, 2016 in Thoughts on God

I have been working within the Veteran Community here in Las Vegas for years now. Most of my work has been as a consultant for the VA working in the fields of homelessness, education, and employment for Veterans. But just by a natural flow, I have also become well versed in what’s going on with all of the Las Vegas citizens, Veterans or non-veterans. Here is what I have observed:

  1. There are a huge amount of organizations out there that claim to be helping people in need, but it’s mostly a publicity stunt, and they aren’t doing a thing!!!!!!
  2. The organizations that are helping don’t have the resources to help everyone, and they don’t understand the process of collaboration.
  3. Most important to me is that they don’t have the power of an all loving God behind them, so they are unable to pull off miracles.

So then, what do we do? Here is my answer to all of the above observations from a spiritual standpoint.

  1. Sin Cities Ministry is going to plant it’s roots deep within the community so we will grow strong and tall. We will be out in the communities, not expecting the community to come to us. We will go to the homeless and give the hope of Jesus Christ to them, showing them that when you have the Lord, you have the world. but we won’t stop there. We will work directly with the people on a daily basis, where others don’t want to go….When he saw the crowds, he had compassion for them, because they were harassed and helpless, like sheep without a shepherd.Matthew 9:36
  2. Through my time with the VA, one of my primary duties was to establish collaborations between various entities. I became a master at it. Sin City Ministries will focus on bringing Churches, Communities, and everyone in between together to help those who are in need. By doing this,we will show not only those who are hurting the love of Jesus, but allowing the community to become engaged and also to witness what Jesus can do in the world.
  3. I’m not even going to come close to saying that this is going to be easy. The ONLY way that this will make it is through the power of the Lord. This ministry will fill it’s fuel tanks with the Holy Spirit and depend on that, not our own understanding. Far greater miracle have been accomplished because they were doing what the Lord wanted them to do, so this can be hard (By trying to do it on our own), or miraculously (Through the power of the Lord).

Here’s where you come in. Please begin praying for us now. We are looking for a place to meet, and to start a food pantry and worship center. these are our needs. if you can help in ANY way, or would just like to join us in prayer and support us. please spread the word about us. Share this page on your FB and Twitter pages. Do anything you can, but PLEASE, we need your prayers to get this going. If you would like to work with us, please pray about it and if the Lord leads you to us, please give me a call. Everyone is welcomed, and everyone is called. This is going to be a ministry of action, not pew sitting, just putting it out there…:)


I hope to hear from a ton of followers soon,

In Him,

Pastor Mike Sanderson



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