The Noah predicament…Are you too embarrassed, obedient enough.

Posted: August 19, 2019 in Thoughts on God

Genesis 5:32-10:1

Can you imagine being in Noah’s place? Here you are just going through life and all of a sudden, God asks you to do something like build an Ark. Not only will you get teased like crazy about it from all of your friends, but up to now, there has never been any rain, so what’s a boat? The Bible tells us that the earths supply of water came up from the ground. So not only does God call you to build an Ark in the middle of the desert, but for rains that nobody has ever seen. His friends and neighbors must have thought he was crazy.

What would you do in his situation? Be honest, would you be so embarrassed because people are laughing at you and not do what God told you to do, or would you build the Ark? Would you believe what God told you, or would you just dismiss the instructions as hearing voices in your own mind because it sounded so crazy? Have you ever been in this situation?

We’re entering times where we may find ourselves in this same predicament. The story of Noah and the Ark begins by telling us that the time frame was during a time of corruption and violence, does that sound familiar? These are the times that we may just find ourselves being called on to do something radical for God. The questions become, A. Are we listening? B. Are we willing?

Sometimes God calls us to do something very major and specific, but most of the times it’s something as simple as spreading the Word of Jesus Christ and His salvation. Are you willing to answer the calls spelled out in the Bible, even if it means being mocked? Are you willing to evangelize to everyone you know so they will have the chance of becoming saved, or avoid it because of a little embarrassment? Give it some thought and prayer, then get out there and be a Noah.

Let’s all be grateful for the opportunity of being teased and ridiculed. It just means that we’re doing our job, and that we believe in God enough to not care what the world thinks. Love to you all, and have an amazing day.




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