Abraham, the imperfect man used by our perfect God

Posted: July 14, 2020 in Thoughts on God
Abraham is known as the greatest patriarch in the Jewish faith. Yet, because he was from a very busy city called Ur, he was actually a Gentile before becoming the first Hebrew. And he was chosen by God to be the father of a great nation.
Despite being called by God to fulfill kingdom purposes, he was just an ordinary man. He was a simple shepherd who came from parents who didn’t follow God. And even in that calling, He still chose poorly. He didn’t always act in line with what a patriarch of the Jewish faith should. That clearly didn’t matter to God. He was the man God ordained for the job, and God wasn’t surprised when Abraham’s humanity got in the way.
He wasn’t chosen because he was exceptionally talented or extremely wise. Abraham didn’t write any books in the Bible, didn’t share prophecies with people, and didn’t write down any laws on tablets. The most important thing we know about Abraham is that he heard God call him to go, and although he didn’t know where, he obeyed and gave up the familiar for the foreign.
Here are two takeaways from the life of Abraham:
God Uses Everyone
The story of Abraham is one that will encourage those of us who don’t feel we have the right credentials or upbringing. Clearly, Abraham was a “nobody” that God called to be the “somebody” for the Hebrew nation. Maybe you feel that you have little to offer because you didn’t come from a prestigious-enough family or perhaps you don’t feel smart enough to be used by God. Rest assured, God is looking for our willingness to do the work He has planned.
It’s Never Too Late
When God called Abraham to leave his native land for an unfamiliar place, he was 75 years old. He didn’t become a father until he was 86 years old, and wasn’t circumcised until he was 99 years old. Many think that as they age they become less important to the world and also to accomplishing God’s purposes. As long as we live on this earth, we have a purpose to fulfill.
God is absolutely capable and willing to give us whatever we need to accomplish His purposes. So, whether we feel equipped or unequipped or are too young or too old, we can be used by God to do His great work. He’s just looking for available hearts who’ll be faithful.

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