About Me

I always say I’m a Pastor with a past because I haven’t always been the perfect Christian (none of us are). I dropped out of High School at 16 and enlisted in the USMC on my 17th Birthday where I remained for 6 years serving in an elite unit called RECON. After my USMC experience, I spent many years perfecting the art of addiction and drank everything I had away and became homeless. One day after being sick and tired of being sick and tired, the Lord decided that it was time for me to come back to Him, and after blacking out for three hours, I awoke out of my prayer with a new Spirit and have never drank, smoked, or did drugs again. After three years of seminary, and numerous Pastorates, I have devoted my life to planting Churches and reaching the people that most would consider unreachable. My goal for this site is to be able to show others that they are loved and that the Lord will take them as they are, no matter what situation they are in. Hey if I could do it then anyone can.

  1. Pastor Mike… All pastors are “pastors with a past.” I’m no gem, except that God dug me out of the muck and mire and placed my feet on solid ground. I understand what Paul means when he describes himself as the “chief of sinners.” Thank you for your candid, and faithful openness. My favorite text of Scripture concerning God’s spiritual leaders is in Zechariah 3:1-7. I was the man in filthy garments and God is the one who commanded they be removed. God bless!

    Pastor Michael Duncan

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