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Here it is, folks! The world’s first ever non-atheist manifesto! Feel free to spread it online to as many people as you like. Just click “share” on the button below and the article will pop up on your page. Blessings…!

1.- I shall not be an atheist because something doesn’t come from nothing.

2.- I shall not be an atheist because there is no way such harmony, order and perfection could exist in the universe without an intelligent mind behind it all.

3.- I shall not be an atheist because a mere chance explosion cannot explain how the structure of my brain is able to understand the laws pertaining to the universe’s harmony, order and perfection.

4.- I shall not be an atheist because I am much more than a rational bio-chemical machine. I am full of love, desire and hope. And I also recognize beauty when I see it.

5.- I shall not be an atheist because I have a moral conscience. I can tell the difference between good and evil. I believe in objective moral values.

6.- I shall not be an atheist because every tribe and tongue on the face of the earth has a religious consciousness and the idea of a transcendent (or supreme) something or someone.

7.- I shall not be an atheist because I whole heartedly believe my life has a purpose and a meaning.

8.- I shall not be an atheist because although I am imperfect, I have the idea of an insuperable perfect being within me. Such a sublime concept cannot stem from little old me.

9.- I shall not be an atheist because the fruits of practical atheism are- for the most part- ugly, wicked and downright perverted. And much of intellectual atheism is nothing more than an exercise in insoluble contradiction(s).

10.- I shall not be an atheist because the Holy Spirit abides within me. I know God‘s alive. I spoke to Him only five minutes ago.

count-the-cost1For which of you, desiring to build a tower, does not first sit down and count the cost, whether he has enough to complete it?(Luke 14:28 ESV)

Living in America can cause a person to get a little too comfortable. Jesus’ words don’t mean as much to an American or any person who has religious freedom as it would those in countries where Christians are being persecuted for their beliefs. How many times have you heard a preacher use this verse when giving the gospel presentation at the end of his message? You probably haven’t. Have you ever used it when telling someone about Jesus? Probably not, because it isn’t a verse often used in the evangelism repertoire.

Did you count the cost when you decided to follow Jesus? After reading this, I decided to look at my life and ask myself, “What was the cost or is the cost now I pay now for following Jesus? It can be hard to find one. We have friends and family who are Christians. We have our own Christian rock music and t-shirts. I can join a club at school with people who have the same belief as I do. I then had to ask myself if I am really living the Christian life Jesus described in this passage? After all, I tend to find more blessings and very few cost associated with my belief.