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You were running well. Who hindered you from obeying the truth? This persuasion is not from him who calls you. A little leaven leavens the whole lump. (Galatians 5:7-9)


Leaven is a substance, typically yeast, that is added to dough to make it rise. It only takes a small amount and the entire lump of dough has been permeated by the yeast and will begin rising. Throughout the Bible leaven is used as an analogy for evil that creeps into the lives of people. Jesus tells the disciples to watch out for it (Matthew 16:6) and Paul mentions it again in (1 Corinthians 5:6-7). Paul is specifically referencing a legalism that has creeped into the Gospel at the church in Galatia, and has actually twisted it, distorting the Gospel’s truth. Paul’s word were relevant then, and they are applicable to our lives today.

Leaven doesn’t always equal legalism, however. Leaven can refer to any distorted doctrine that is attached to the Gospel. We must be careful as we follow and listen to religious leaders who are great communicators or creative in their presentations. They might be fun to listen to, and they may speak bits of truth once in a while, but if there is a leaven of bad doctrine in their message, it can hinder us from obeying the truth of the Gospel as it creeps into every corner of thought and life. We are no better than the disciples who Jesus warned of this or the churches in Galatia and Corinth who were warned by Paul. So, we must always be on guard as we listen to and follow religious leaders and communicators.

Is there “leaven” spreading in your life?

pridePhilippians 2:3 Do nothing from rivalry or conceit, but in humility count others more significant than yourselves.

The world, and even a lot of Christians, have become more concerned about their opinion and egos over compassion and concern for others. I look at today’s verse and wonder how many people truly follow this to the letter. We see what was once a unified body of believers now split up into so many denoinations that we fight over the silliest of “Doctrines” that have nothing to do with our Salvation. We have people willing to hurt and act out in name calling over a political part rather than to be polite because they feel their team is right, while so many people suffer because of a stalemate in congress. It’s just gotten to the point of being something I’m sure that God is weeping in heaven about.

This morning I saw something posted on Facebook that I disagreed with. My first instinct was to post something that contradicted it (a nice way of saying I wanted my opinion heard), but the Holy Spirit stopped me just in time because He knew that it would put the other person in a place that they felt they would have to defend their position, and most likely an argument would ensue. The verse that He laid on my heart was, “2 Timothy 2:23-24 Have nothing to do with foolish, ignorant controversies; you know that they breed quarrels. And the Lord’s servant must not be quarrelsome but kind to everyone, able to teach, patiently enduring evil.”

If we really KNOW that we’re right about something, then we don’t need to shove it down someone elses throat. Now there are times, like defending the name of Jesus, that there are exemptions to this rule, but that’s for a later discussion. I’m talking about having the Spiritual Maturity to smile and love a person even though deep down inside we want to disagree with them over something that really doesn’t matter in the grand scheme of things. It’s a hard thing to do sometimes, but believe me when I say it’s for the better. Be the bigger person and swallow your pride when it comes to wanting to place yourself above others.